Kensmith Canine Supplies

News from Lesley

18 Aug 2018
News from Lesley Another brilliant day for our own Suki - " Yllastel Suki Takes It Off For Quintrelle"  when she won the bitch Challenge Certificate at the Welsh K.C. Championship show.  Products of choice for keeping Suki in tip top condition are Bio Groom Extra Body Shampoo, Mr Groom Texturising Creme Rinse. Favourite treat would be Hollings dried trip sticks.

Hot News from Ken

1 Aug 2018
Hot News from Ken Hot news this summer is the success our own home bred Rottwieler Auberon Tom  Fagus is  having on the UK show scene.  Tom is kept in tip top condition by his owner Helen. Helen attributes his success to the over all condition of the dog as well as his excellent breeding.

Tom is bathed with Animal Health  Black Super Shampoo , and when the sun is out a quick mist of Mr Groom Show Groom  not only adds shine and definition to his shape it has sunscreen to help prevent his black fading out to red.

News from Lesley

28 May 2018
 News from Lesley Teddy, aka Quintrelle Colour Me Happy  ShCM has delighted us this summer by taking the  Reserve  Dog Challenge Certificate at Bath Championship Show under judge Jane Paradise.
 Besides his excellent breeding we put his show ring success down to good training and great presentation of his lovely coat. Trade stand product of choice to keep Ted looking good is Animal Health Co Coconut  Super Shampoo followed by Mr Groom Texturizing rinse. 
Any tangles and dead hair are removed from his coat with regular combing using a Spratts  comb or a curved Ancol Slicker. Teds favorite treat is our Finer By Nature Furry Rabbit ears, being a primitive soul it brings out the beast in him!